Why finding the right fitting boxing gloves is important?

Why finding the right fitting boxing gloves is important?

Investing in the right gym gear will ensure you can deliver a punch in the gym. Quality gloves are to ensure that you can keep your hands comfortable and protected during training. When boxing gloves are correctly sized, they will perform optimally, like all other protective gear. It is also important to remember that boxing gloves vary in styles, ranging from those intended for training to those designed specifically for fighting. If you know how to find the right size boxing gloves and determine the style of boxing gloves that are best for your body type, you'll go a long way toward enhancing your boxing regimen with a heavyweight swing. With these essential tips on finding suitable boxing gloves, you will be able to go the distance with quality boxing equipment. 


Types of Boxing Gloves


Bag Gloves

A bag glove is meant to be used when training with a heavy bag, speed bag, or pads. Compared to other boxing gloves, bag gloves are designed with a less padded knuckle region. The fact that bag gloves are not very padded might seem counterintuitive. However, bag gloves are designed to allow fighters to feel the impact of their punches and become accustomed to them.


Training Gloves

Boxers new to the sport will find that training gloves are an excellent all-around option. It is best to note that these gloves are designed with sufficient padding that can be used for both bags and sparring but is not explicitly made for either event.


Sparring Gloves

It is essential to mention that sparring gloves are entirely dedicated to sparring instead of training gloves. They are designed with extra padding for your protection and your sparring partner. It is expected that sparring gloves will be sized the same as trainers; however, they can weigh a little more due to the extra padding.


Competition Boxing Gloves

It is important to note that gloves designed for the competition are designed with the fight in mind. Because these gloves have less padding at the knuckles, your opponent is more likely to feel the impact of your strikes. Amateur boxing gloves and professional boxing gloves both have different levels of protection. As a result of the stricter rules at this level, each glove is graded according to its weight division, and amateur gloves are more closely regulated.


How does one know what size boxing gloves to buy?

It is the case that boxing gloves come in various weights, ranging from 8 ounces to 20 ounces. A boxing glove's size will depend on what type of glove you need and how heavy you are, and what size your dominant hand is. Among the most important measurements, you will need to determine which size boxing glove you should purchase are your weight and the circumference of your dominant hand. 


To ensure that the measurement is as accurate as possible, you need to place the tape or string in the centre of the palm of your dominant hand. It is simple to determine your size using the chart below. Choose the smaller size boxing gloves from Punch Equipment whenever you are between two sizes and are looking for a snugger fit. Choosing a larger size may be the best option if you prefer a looser fit, but remember, you want to make sure that your boxing gloves fit snugly on your hand.