Why & How To Choose Boxing Knuckle Guards?

Why & How To Choose Boxing Knuckle Guards?

Knuckles Guards: Why you need them & how they affect your training!

Knuckle guards are a fantastic boxing accessory for many reasons, while not an essential item, these tools can be vital to the prevention of hand, wrist & knuckle injuries.

It's all in the name!

Knuckle guards are purpose-built for aching hands, knuckles, wrists, filling empty boxing gloves & more.

If your boxing gloves have seen better days, filling them with the right knuckle guard can extend their life until the need for an upgrade.
If you're hitting a floor to ceiling ball, guards can aid in the prevention of scuffing, grazing & cuts.
If you're injured, a guard may provide the shock absorption needed to keep you focused on training rather than the ache.

Below is a quick summary of the range offered by Punch Equipment & why each model has differing yet awesome features.

Why choose the Urban Gel Knuckle Guards?

Urban Knuckle Guards 3

These sleek knuckle guards are built for those who are desperate for adequate protection underneath their spacious or fading gloves or just need some padding over their hands for a light workout on the bag.
If your pair of boxing gloves are on their way out but you need them to hold on for a little while longer,
These knuckle guards may add the internal bulk you need to keep them going!

With ample shock-absorbing gel over the knuckles, individual finger slots for easy access & a plush, palm pillow for a more comfortable fit, these guards may be the choice for you!
Their neoprene casing is fantastic for sweat-wicking also.

Why choose the Mexican Fuerte Gel Knuckle Protectors?

Knuckle Protection For Boxing

Designed to wear specifically under your gloves & boxing wraps,
These little dusters are purpose-built for the power puncher, the boxer who needs serious protection from start to finish.

Their thick, gel padding provides incredible shock absorption & will turn the knuckle padding in your gloves up to the next level.
They slip comfortably under your wraps, their casing is soft, breathable & provides excellent feedback when hitting the punching bag or thrashing pads.

If your gloves simply aren't providing the protection you need, add a pair of these fantastic guards to your arsenal today!