Why lifting straps are important for weightlifting

Why lifting straps are important for weightlifting

Lifting straps are essential gym accessories every gym lover should have in their collection. Powerlifters and bodybuilders are known to use these to progress towards heavier pulls. Weightlifting beginners are also known to make use of wrist straps. Without these straps, it would be highly challenging for people to build up strength.

Overview of Lifting Straps

The lifting straps are a weightlifting accessory that wraps your hand around the bar to provide support for your wrists and allow you to lift heavier weights. A typical weight lifting straps measures between 1" and 1-1/2" wide and 12" to 22" long, and is typically made from leather, canvas or nylon. Lifting straps are different from wraps as they are much broader and more extended. People often confuse between wrist wraps and lifting straps.

Purpose of the Lifting Straps

Powerlifters trying to build strength will often have trouble with grip strength since grip strength is often a limiting factor. The weight lifting straps are meant to reduce grip fatigue so you can focus on the muscles you're targeting when you're pulling heavy weights.  They attach the weight to your wrists so they can grip the weight securely and not let it slip out of your grip. A person's grip can weaken if their hands are smaller, sweating, or have a weak grip. Lifting straps are used to make it easier for you to hold on to heavier weights to increase your grip.

Benefits of Lifting Straps

Lift Heavier, Longer

The purpose of lifting straps is to connect your wrists to the heavyweight. In this manner, you will be able to complete heavy sets without having to worry about losing your grip or getting out of form. Those who are doing strength training will be able to lift heavy weights, which will enable them to make progress more quickly.

Reduces Grip Fatigue

The grip on your hand can only handle a certain amount of weight. It can sometimes hinder progress in lifting heavier, but that is when weight lifting straps are of help to you. There is no fatigue in the grip when using heavy weights since the belts reduce grip fatigue. Lifting straps provide you with the necessary security to not let go of your grasp before targeting the muscle groups you are training. In this way, you will be able to progress in strength and continue to build muscles.

Reduces the Risk of Injury

The lifting straps on the handle of the weight holder keep the grip solid and secure so that heavy weights do not slip out of your hands. Moreover, they help you lift heavy weight without losing your form so that your wrist is secured, so it won't give in to the weight you are lifting.

Best Place to Buy Lifting Straps

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