With so many to choose from, what boxing gloves are most suited to you?

With so many to choose from, what boxing gloves are most suited to you?

If you have been practising boxing for some time, or even if you are starting, you must have noticed that not all boxing gloves are the same, no matter how long you have been training. Unlike the popular belief that there are only two styles of boxing gloves, there are many variations, each with its advantages and disadvantages. You may be surprised to learn that there are several different types of boxing gloves out there.

Listed below are some of the different types of boxing gloves

Training Gloves  

Boxing gloves are often advertised on brands' websites as bag or training gloves. These gloves are a good choice for anyone interested in boxing in general. Some bags and pads are specifically built for working with them, but they are generally pretty versatile and can be used for any training. In most cases, you will probably use a pair of these most of the time. General-purpose gloves are not always labelled as training gloves; they are often referred to as boxing gloves.

Sparring Gloves

A boxing glove's purpose in sparring is to protect both the boxer and the sparring partner from injury. While you can use any pair of boxing gloves for sparring, several brands sell sparring gloves specifically designed for this purpose. There are quite a few similarities between sparring gloves and training gloves; however, sparring gloves usually have softer padding that's less cushioned and with better distribution to make impacts less sharp and more comfortable. Often, sparring gloves are sold in a variety of different weights. However, depending on your body weight, you should only use these gloves when they weigh 400g or more.

Traditional Bag Gloves

Traditional bag gloves are a smaller alternative to a boxing glove with a minimum level of protection. They lack many protection features of full boxing gloves. It is often the case that gyms won't allow you to use these when training. However, many retailers still sell them, often bundled with punching bags for free. In most cases, it's just a generic shape with minimal padding, and it's almost non-existent if it even provides wrist support.

MMA Gloves

MMA gloves are designed specifically for the practice of Mixed Martial Arts. This type of glove is not technically a boxing glove but used for a similar purpose to a boxing glove. As opposed to boxing gloves, these gloves don't have fingers and have an open palm, so they can be used more easily for grappling.

Semi Contact Gloves

A semi-contact boxing glove is another type of boxing glove that can be used. Between boxing glovesand MMA gloves, these gloves fall in the middle. It is usually made of dipped foam that provides minimal padding. In addition to being used only in semi-contact sports, these gloves don't have to offer more protection than boxing gloves when it comes to preventing injuries.

Professional Gloves

Professional gloves should only be considered if you plan to compete in professional sports. These gloves' names are appropriate, as they are specifically designed for professional boxing competitions. To maximize their offence, they often sacrifice hand protection to maximize comfort. Usually, these gloves are much smaller and more compact because of their firmer padding. The gloves are, in a way, designed to deliver a sharp blow to the opponent with every punch they deliver. Boxing gloves from Punch Equipment designed for professional use aren't suitable for everyday training and aren't recommended for use outside competitions much as well.