Womens Boxing: 5 Reasons To Get Some Boxing Gloves

Womens Boxing: 5 Reasons To Get Some Boxing Gloves

Women's Boxing Guide: 5 Reasons To Get Some Boxing Gloves

In this blog, our team will provide 5 answers as to why you need boxing gloves for your boxing based workouts!

1. Boxing gloves protect your hands from injury!

The most important reason to use boxing gloves in the modern age during your boxing workouts is to protect your hands from injury,
whether that’s damage to the surface, bones, joints, etc.
If you want to ensure you lower the risk of injury dramatically during your boxing workouts,
Always wear boxing gloves!

2. They protect your training partners from injury!

While you may think that boxing gloves are to protect you as the striker (which they are!), you may be surprised to know that boxing gloves were originally designed to protect the opponent/training partner from serious surface injuries caused from bare-knuckle boxing such as cuts, swelling & bruising,
If you intend on sparring or competing in any combat sport, ensure to grab yourself a pair of well-padded boxing gloves to protect both yourself and your teammates in the ring!

3. They add resistance to your arms which can increase calorie burning!

As boxing gloves are measured in weight (ounces) rather than hand sizes, finding a heavier glove (16oz for example) will provide added resistance to every punch thrown, meaning more energy is required to complete the same technique which equals more expended energy & calories burnt!

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4. They can add build muscle tone, rather than muscle bulk. (With the right weight!)

Boxing gloves not only add intensity to your workouts, but they can also add muscle tone too!
While lifting weights is the sure way to add muscle bulk, boxing with heavier boxing gloves such as 16oz can lead to a gradual increase in muscle size, definition & tone, especially in the upper body, back, shoulders, arms, forearms & abs!

Boxing is a fantastic way to improve both your cardiovascular & musculoskeletal systems!

5. They can look and feel amazing!

Boxing gloves can look very bland, uninspiring & sometimes boring...
They may be shaped to suit the most average needs rather than specifics,
The bling range of boxing gloves for women from Punch Equipment, for example, provides features specifically to cater to many women, a luxurious inner liner for serious hand comfort, fresh artwork to stand out from the crowd & serious protection with their injected mould padding & hybrid elastic wrist cuff for added stability.

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If you’re looking for boxing gloves that don’t just look the part,
The Bling range of women’s boxing gloves, focus pads & boxing wraps is for you!

We hope this blog helped you understand why boxing gloves are SUPER necessary for boxing workouts!