Want To Join Our Athlete Team?

The Punch Equipment® team of athletes is formed to unite fighters and boxers who share the same values and passion for their sport. With a range of disciples and talents, the team offers endless opportunities.

By working closely with like-minded boxers and fighters, you can grow and refine your skills while gaining exposure to diverse creative techniques, mindsets, and prospects. Every Punch Equipment® representative, regardless of their following, plays a role in building a thriving team and community.

Who we're looking for?

Punch Equipment, an Australian-based business, is searching for martial arts experts, fitness coaches, and personal trainers with a social media presence to join our exclusive affiliation program. Gain access to generous discounts and perks on all products while promoting us online; it doesn't matter if you have 100 or 10,000 followers.

What to expect?

By joining the Punch Athlete Affiliate community, you will gain exclusive access to a discounted online shopping portal as well as a personalized code to share with friends, family, and followers. To top it off, you will be rewarded with a 50% off RRP coupon for the highest quality Punch Athlete equipment.