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Why should I become certified?

Completing your boxing fitness certification through Punchfit allows you to stay ahead of the pack!

Boxing is one of the most sought-after training methods for improving your physical and mental fitness, it’s also one of the most inexpensive forms of training, requiring minimal equipment and providing incredible returns for your clients and income.

You’ll also be offering one of the most accessible forms of exercise to your friends, family, and clients, boxing is an extremely efficient workout for all, beginners to professionals, young and old alike.

You’ll also be recognised as a value-for-money trainer, learning from the leading boxing fitness certification providers in Punchfit, who are the pioneers of fitness boxing, training over thousands of fitness professionals in Australia and across the globe since 1989.

Do I need any boxing experience prior to purchasing a course?

No, our online courses are suitable for all lovers and enthusiasts of boxing, whether you enjoy boxing for training, are a fitness professional, personal trainer, or professional athlete, our courses are designed to assist everyone in improving their boxing, pad holding, and instructing fundamentals.

Do I need equipment to complete a course?

While it is highly recommended, is it not a requirement to have gear in order to complete any of these courses.
We do recommend you purchase the below items in order to gain the main from your learning:
1 x pair of boxing gloves.
1 x pair of boxing focus pads.
1 x pair of boxing hand wraps.

We also highly recommend purchasing your gear from our authentic boxing gear supplier and sponsors at Punch Equipment

Are you courses available to use on all devices?

You should find no issues opening and using our content on almost all electronic devices including your phone, tablet, laptop, and pc.

Do you offer continued education points such as CEC's?

As our current course content is online, we are currently unable to provide CEC points to fitness professionals.

Please note Punchfit is looking for ways to re-introduce face-to-face assessments for CEC points when it is safe and reasonable to do so for all participants and instructors.

Should I consider these courses if I'm not a fitness professional?


Regardless of whether you’re a fitness trainer looking to add boxing for fitness into your services, everyone who enjoys boxing will upskill their current knowledge of boxing and pad holding fundamentals.

Punchfit demonstrates authentic techniques and skills, thoughtfully created and instructed by bonafide, industry professionals to provide you with real experience and knowledge which you can then take with you for your next workout or instructing your next boxing fitness session.


How do I receive my certificate once I pass a course?

Once you have successfully completed a course, you will be given a feedback form to complete, and once completed you will be able to download your digital certificate at anytime.

If you have lost your login details – please click on Lost Password? under the LOG IN section.

Do you offer refunds on online content?

Online courses and eBooks are non-refundable
Please note that Punchfit prides itself on the delivery of world-class, authentic content and value for money invested.
Should your online experience not meet your expectation, please contact our support team at ‘’

Can I get my prior face-to-face course certificate re-issued?

Due to Covid & OHS rules, we are unable to distribute older certificates prior to Jan 2021.

We highly recommend enrolling in our all-new Online Boxing Course or Online Safety Course to stay up-to-date with current health and safety standards.