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Australia’s most trusted boxing gloves

At Punch Equipment, our expert team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality boxing gloves. We have a wide range of gloves that are handcrafted and suitable for men, women, and children. If you need help selecting the right boxing gloves for your needs, our team is here to assist you.

What weight boxing gloves should I get for pad/mitt training?

When it comes to training with pads and mitts, we recommend using gloves that weigh 10oz or 12oz. These weights offer a moderate amount of resistance and provide excellent protection for your hands. These weights are suitable for most people weighing between approximately 65-90 kg. If you weigh less than 65 kg, we recommend using gloves that weigh 8oz-10oz. If you weigh more than 75kg kg, a 14oz-16oz glove may be a suitable option. should you just wish to focus on accuracy and power -then consider Bag mitts for better feedback.

What Weight Boxing Gloves Should I Get For Boxing Bag Training?

For boxing bag training, we recommend using the same guidelines as for pad and mitt training. However, if your boxing bag is heavy, thick, and dense, it may be a good idea to use a heavier pair of boxing gloves to lower the risk of injury. Bag gloves are highly recommended – these have a padded thumb like a boxing gloves but are not true weight.

What weight boxing gloves should I get for sparring?

When it comes to sparring, we recommend most people use boxing gloves that weigh 16oz. These gloves provide more protection for both the user and their training partner. They are also bulkier, which makes it harder for opponents to land shots and helps protect the user when guarding. It’s important to note that heavier gloves require more energy to punch and may cause fatigue more quickly.

It’s also worth considering the padding on sparring gloves. Some gloves have thicker padding on the knuckles, while others are designed for punching and have finer padding. It’s a good idea to do some research to make sure you aren’t sparring with gloves that feel like a car crash!

Note – again – heavier gloves build muscle and offer better fitness results- HOWEVER, females and youths may consider using 12- or 14 oz to reduce the risk of fatigue and burnout in long sparring sessions.

How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

With Punch Equipment® you get what you pay for. The price reflects the quality of shell materials and internal padding – the main factor in price is the amount of handmade craftsmanship that goes into the shaping and forming of the gloves. Every model in the Punch Equipment® range is an entirely different model – rather than just the same gloves plus or minus some features.

Our boxing gloves start at $39.99 and are available in a range of styles, each with its own unique features. For example, the Trophy Getters® are our flagship product and are built with a 3-tonne injected mould for serious safety and comfort. We also highly recommend the Armadillo for sparring safety, as it is arguably the best protective glove in our range. It’s designed with a huge amount of padding and a superb hand fit.

What Are Bag Mitts And When Should They Be Used?

These type of boxing gloves are specifically designed for training on boxing bags. They provide better feedback for your hands and wrists than traditional boxing gloves. Bag mitts are usually shorter and lighter than traditional boxing gloves and are made with denser foam padding. They can also feature an open-finger and unpadded thumb design that allows for more ventilation and mobility, making them ideal for bag work.

Bag mitts should be used whenever you’re training on a boxing bag. Boxing bags can be tough on your hands and wrists, especially if you’re hitting the bag with full force. Bag mitts offer additional feedback. Wearing hand wraps for support, can help prevent injuries and reduce the risk of long-term knuckle damage.

What are the Trophy Getters® Boxing Gloves, and when should these be used?

The Trophy Getters® boxing gloves are versatile gloves that can be used for various types of training, including pads, bags, sparring, mitts, and competition. They are made with high-quality materials, including genuine leather and 3-tonne flexi-injected foam padding, which provides excellent shock absorption and protection.

The Trophy Getters® boxing gloves are designed to be durable, long-lasting, and comfortable.

How Do I Choose The Right Size And Weight For My Boxing Gloves?

Choosing the right size and weight for your boxing gloves is important for your comfort, protection, and performance. The size and weight of your gloves will depend on your height and weight. Taller people will generally need a heavier glove with a larger hand fit, while smaller people will only need a smaller weighted glove and a snug hand fit. Note – hand wraps and Mexican quick wraps can fill a larger glove easily.

Boxing gloves typically come in weights ranging from 8 oz to 20 oz. The heavier the glove, the more padding it will have, which can help absorb the impact of punches. However, heavier gloves can also be more cumbersome and can slow down your punches. Lighter gloves, on the other hand, can be more comfortable and allow for faster punches, but may not offer as much protection.

When choosing the size of your gloves, it’s important to make sure that they fit snugly around your hand and wrist. Boxing gloves that are too loose can cause your hand to move around inside the glove, which can lead to injuries. Boxing gloves that are too tight can restrict your movement and cause discomfort.

Note- like footwear, gloves will relax out over time and use.

Can I Use The Same Boxing Gloves For Sparring And Hitting A Boxing Bag?

It’s not recommended to use the same gloves for sparring and hitting a boxing bag. Gloves used for sparring should be softer and more cushioned to prevent injury to you and your sparring partner. These gloves are typically heavier and have more padding than gloves used for bag work.

Boxing gloves used for bag work are designed to be more compact and have less padding. They’re designed to help you feel the impact of your punches and improve your technique. However, using these gloves for sparring can be dangerous and can increase the risk of injury.

It’s essential to use the right gloves for each type of training to prevent injuries and improve your performance.

Where Can I Find The Best Boxing Gloves For My Needs?

Punch Equipment is an excellent source of high-quality boxing gloves for a variety of needs. We offer a wide range of gloves for punching bags, training, sparring, muay Thai, and fighting. Our gloves are made with high-quality materials, including genuine leather and multi-layer foam padding, which provides excellent protection and shock absorption. We also offer gloves in various sizes and weights, so you can find the perfect gloves for your needs. You can browse through our website to find the perfect glove or call our pro team during advertised opening hours.