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What weight Boxing Glove should I get for pad/mitt training?

10oz or 12oz is generally a great weight to train with pads/mitts as it offers a moderate amount of resistance & great protection for your hands.
We recommend the above weights for the majority of teens & adults ranging from approx. 65 – 90 kgs.

If you were to wear 16oz for bag & pad work, the endurance in your arms may fatigue much earlier, however, this may in-fact build more endurance over time & giving you an even better workout.

If you weigh less than 65 kilograms, we recommend 8oz – 10oz,
If you are heavier than 90 kgs, a 14oz is also a suitable option.

What weight Boxing Glove should I get for boxing bag training?

We would recommend using the same information from the above.
However, if your boxing bag is heavy, thick & dense, A heavier glove may lower the risk of potential injury!

What weight should I get for sparring?

Our team recommends 16oz for most teens & adults as they should provide more protection for the user & training partner.

A 16oz pair should appear bulkier compared to their 12oz model which gives the user more protection when guarding & makes placing shots, harder to land.

Always remember that heavier boxing gloves require more energy to punch in comparison to a lighter one,
If you see a training partner with 10oz when sparring, it may be best to stay away unless they have great control or you have great head movement!

Another important aspect to note is that not all sparring gloves are built the same. Some may have thicker knuckle padding, while others may be considered “punchers” that have finer padding.

It’s best to do a little research to ensure you aren’t sparring an opponent with training gloves which feel like a car crash!

What is the price?

Our Boxing Gloves start from $39.99 and are all built with various features that make each pair unique. For example, the famous Trophy Getters® are our flagship product & are built with a 3 tonne injected mould for serious safety and comfort. We also highly recommend the Armadillo for sparring and it’s also arguably the best protective glove in the range. It’s designed with a huge amount of padding and a superb hand-fit.

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