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Buy Floor to Ceiling Balls Australia

Looking for a floor to ceiling ball? Shop online with Punch Equipment today and buy quality training equipment.

In the range of floor to ceiling balls is a Punchtex ball and Urban ball for under $100.00. Both products come with straps. You can also purchase an anchor, straps, bladder and ceiling hook to complete your floor to ceiling ball setup.

Floor to Ceiling Ball – Buying Guide

8“ Leather Precision Mexican Floor to Ceiling Ball – The Mexican Floor to Ceiling Ball is designed with a smaller target for boxers looking to seriously improve their punching accuracy and quickness.

10” Punch® Urban Leather Floor to Ceiling Ball – This floor to ceiling ball is great for home use and is a fun boxing training equipment aid. The Urban ball is designed with a bigger target for boxing beginners and amateurs looking to improve their overall boxing skills.

12” Punchtex™ AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball – One of our best selling products at Punch® Equipment, the AAA Floor to Ceiling Ball is ideal for commercial gyms and fitness studios.

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