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What are MMA Gloves used for?

A MMA glove is a small mitt that usually comes with an open-fingered design that helps a fighter perform a range of maneuvers, such as submissions. MMA Gloves are generally used in Mixed Martial Arts training and competition. This type of glove comes with a suitable amount of padding that will provide adequate protection for the user. In our range of mma, we always ensure our gloves are fully tested to failure so you can be assured they’re top quality.

Are MMA Gloves good for Punching Bags?

The short answer is yes, if they are designed with a good amount of padding, they can be used on Punching Bags. In fact, some people do prefer using smaller gloves on bags as this type of training can strengthen knuckles and arm muscles.

What are the best MMA Gloves?

When looking for the best gloves, there are a few key features to look out for. A wrist wrap locking feature should be the first thing on your list as this helps protect the user from injury by keeping the wrist in the correct position during training. Another key buying decision is what size do I need? Well, this will depend on an individuals hand size. In general, adult-sized men should look for Larger glove sizes. While kids and ladies with smaller hands will need a smaller glove size.

What’s the difference between Boxing Gloves and MMA Gloves?

The major difference between these two types of gloves is the protection provided. Boxing Gloves are built with heavy padding to absorb heavy bags and sparring. Whereas, MMA Gloves don’t need as much padding since Mixed Martial Arts involves more than elements such as Kicking and grappling.