Warranty Information

PUNCH EQUIPMENT products are built and trusted to use unequalled material and craftsmanship excellence to ensure your boxing equipment meets and exceeds the demands of full contact ring sports.

Punch Equipment provides warranty periods as specified in the LOGO LEGEND. Please refer to this legend to select the optimum product for your combative/ fitness and safety requirements.

These warranties are provided against defects in materials and or/ faulty workmanship. The warranty is effective from the date of purchase, to the original purchaser, for all PUNCH EQUIPMENT purchased within AUSTRALIA. (USA, UK, SE Asia, European & Oceanic customers should refer to separate PDF available upon request). Clothing is expressly excluded from our equipment warranties.

ONCE PROOF OF PURCHASE HAS BEEN PROVIDED and the product is still within the stated warranted period…

PUNCH EQUIPMENT will perform repairs or effect replacement, at it’s option, with no cost to you, other than shipping costs incurred to and from our closest service facility.

This warranty does not cover claims for incidental or consequential damage due to normal wear and tear, improper use or neglect. This warranty is void if it’s found that the product has been subjected to unauthorised inspection/ alterations, faulty installation, abuse or damage as a result of failure to provide:

1. the recommended quantity of equipment to avoid gear being over-used (used wet or over-shared commercially)

2. using equipment not specifically rated for that use

3. failure to maintain and use gear as per our maintenance instructions

To request a warranty repair, either return the equipment to your PUNCH RETAIL OUTLET where you purchased – or call 13 000 (PUNCH) 78624 for a return authorisation number and send it back with your proof of purchase and a description of the difficulty you are experiencing, along with your name, address and contact phone number, along with return pre-paid packaging. Returns cannot be accepted without an aurthorisation number and pre-paid return post.

NB: With time and normal wear and tear, the materials used in these products will lose effectiveness and will require replacement. Products provide a degree of protection, but are not guaranteed to prevent injury, even when used correctly. *Also see Care/Technical Installation Instructions