10 Best reasons for choosing Punch Equipment®

10 Best reasons for choosing Punch Equipment®

Why choose Punch?

1. The Real Deal

Since 1989, PUNCH EQUIPMENT'S® team of designers and expert staff are full-time professional Master Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA instructors, fighters &/or students.

2. Safety Starts here™

Design concepts are only approved once all safety considerations have been reviewed & tested thoroughly.
Only then is a product is costed & brought to market, ensuring you receive much more than what you pay for!

3. Tested on Humans® = AAA Quality

We ensure each product is "fit for purpose" before you get it.
Many PUNCH® items have been in documented test and development for over 15 years to get their AAA grade certification!

4. National PUNCH Equipment® stores & suppliers

Punch is proudly associated with many stores nationwide to ensure you have access to our fantastic range of gear,
Check out our store locator here.

5. Quality guaranteed with the worlds best manufacturing warranties*

In Punch Equipment® you trust, this trust is rewarded with an unequalled Pre-test AAA 2 year plus Punchtex® limited commercial warranty against manufacturing, workmanship & material faults.

6. True to weight boxing gloves*

You get what you pay for from Punch Equipment®.

Punch Equipment® boxing gloves are guaranteed to at the very least the advertised weight and international hand fit length.

7. Comfort

Serious students, trainers, fighters & instructors choose Punch Equipment® due to our ergonomic support in all products and sport-specific designs & engineering.

8. Co-branding opportunities

Allowing your business or corporate image to be placed on a proven product range of equipment from Punch.

9. Innovation

PUNCH EQUIPMENT® never sits still, with an ever-expanding range of Boxing, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA & Fitness products.

10. One Stop Shop

Punch Equipment® has arguably one of the most comprehensive specialist ranges of combat sports equipment in the world today.

Punch also has the largest range of boxing gloves under the one brand name.

Buy online or in-store today!