5 ways to hang a boxing bag at home!

5 ways to hang a boxing bag at home!

5 Ways to Hang a Boxing Bag

Boxing is a great way to get in shape or stay fit in the privacy of your own home.
Installing a boxing bag, however, can be an infuriating task!
You may be renting, have insufficient wall space, or have little room to install a boxing bag.
If you are thinking about investing in a punching bag for your home,
Keep reading as our team will give you 5 options to install your boxing bag at home:

Wall Bracket

The number one choice for gyms and commercial boxing environments.
A wall bracket can hold any boxing bag in the Punch Equipment® range.
This option does require professional installation into your wall which in turn provides superior stability to the bracket and boxing bag.
If you're looking for the strongest bag holding option and have a strong wall available,
A boxing bag wall bracket is a perfect option for you.

AAA Wall Bracket 800x800 Edited

Ceiling Hook

Another suitable hanging option for commercial training environments and home gyms.
The Punch® ceiling hook can hold the majority of Punch Equipment® boxing bags.
A ceiling hook requires professional installation into a solid ceiling cavity, either concrete, steel, or strong timber beam.
The advantage of a ceiling hook gives the user 360° degrees of freedom around their boxing bag.
Whereas a wall bracket limits a user's movement to approx. 270° degrees.
If you have a solid ceiling structure and wall complete freedom of movement around your boxing bag.
A ceiling hook is your option.


Boxing Bag Hanger

Patios, crossbeams, and trees beware!
The Urban boxing bag hanger is here to hold your boxing bag up without the need for professional installation.
The wrap-around design of a bag hanger makes installation a breeze and labour at a minimum.
If you have a solid, horizontal beam, pole, or even a thick branch on a tree in the back yard,
The Urban boxing bag hanger could be the perfect option for your needs.

Urban Boxing Bag Hanger 3

Boxing Bag Stand

The first choice for those who can't utilise wall/ceiling space or are renting their property.
A boxing bag stand is completely freestanding and requires no wall or ceiling installation.
The Punch Equipment® Urban Bag Stand can hold the majority of boxing bags with ease.
If you cant install a bracket on the wall or ceiling,
This is a great substitute.

Bag Stand Eyebolt White Back

Free Standing Boxing Bags

The most versatile option for your home,
With multiple models for different training scenarios.
Freestanding bags can range from solid, spring, commercial-grade, budget, big, small, short, and tall, meaning there should be a suitable option for all lovers of striking training!
If you're looking for a boxing bag that comes in a variety of models and requires zero professional installation.
A Free Standing Boxing Bag may be the option for you!

Cobra Slip Bar 1 Aaa Freestanding Boxing Bag 2020

We hope the above has helped you decide what you need for your home training environment.
If you have any questions regarding the above blog,
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