Best Boxing Gloves for Women

Best Boxing Gloves for Women

Why Buy Boxing Gloves For Women?

Learn how to choose the Best Boxing Gloves for Women from the expert team at Punch Equipment.
In this guide, we'll aim to educate you with our video review above as well as providing some vital suggestions & answers to some important questions below.
As a quick note, from our team's long history of experience, we find that women tend to have shorter palms & narrower width in their hands-on average in comparison to men,
However, this is just a simple generalisation as every hand is shaped differently!
There are also other factors to discuss which will ensure you select the right boxing glove for your needs!

Let's get started!

What is your goal?

When it comes to boxing gloves, ensure you understand what your needs are from boxing gloves firstly!
The three categories below should be of high concern when it comes to your needs from your boxing gloves.

1. Protection: Do you require thick knuckle support, do you need extra thumb support, do you want extra wrist support?

2. Durability: Do you need boxing gloves which can stand 5+ sessions a week? Do you need gloves to use once a week?

3. Comfort: Do you need gloves which have a snug hand fit, spacious hand fit, or do you want a glove with a luxury inner lining?

From here we can work towards finding you the right type, model, size or weight for your needs.

Which type of glove do you need?

Once the goal is realised, you can decide from the 3 types of gloves available:

  1. Bag Mitts: Great option for those on a budget, provide standard protection over the knuckles, wrist & thumbs for beginners, perfect for light workouts.
  2. Bag Gloves: A perfect option for those who need more protection in certain areas, these gloves may look similar to boxing gloves but are not true-to-weight & are not intended for sparring.
  3. Boxing Gloves: The premium & most protective option, true-to-weight gloves with an attached thumb, ample wrist & knuckle support, designed for multiple boxing activities.

Wrap up!

Before selecting a boxing glove, ensure you wear a pair of boxing wraps underneath,
Like a sock for your shoe, wearing any type of wrap will at the very least, protect your boxing glove from excess sweat & extend their lifespan.
They will also add some bulk to the hand fit of your gloves giving you a more compact feeling.

Wraps come in a variety of styles,

1. Cotton Inners: Designed for moisture & sweat-wicking, no added protection to the hand.

2. Quick Wraps: Engineered for fast application, sweat-wicking & added support in the knuckles & wrist.

3. Boxing Stretch Wraps: Designed for sweat-wicking & customisation, stretch wraps can differ in lengths ( commonly 4 metres ) in order to apply the needed stability to your joints & protection to all areas around the hand, the go-to choice for a serious boxer.

Do you need boxing gloves for boxing bag, pad work or sparring?

Once your goals and wraps are sorted,
It's time to figure out which activity they are for:

If you require boxing gloves for bag & pad work, the choice of weight is completely up to the user,
Remember that lighter ounces will have a smaller hand fit & will be much lighter to use,
Whereas a heavier glove will add fatigue in the arms earlier however may assist with your arms endurance & overall protection.
There is no golden rule for the above.

If you are needing a glove for sparring,
A heavier glove is recommended & should be worn to provide an overall bigger glove for protection & more padding also.
The added weight will ensure that throwing a hard punch takes more effort & therefore is less likely to injure the opponent or yourself.

Are all boxing gloves the same?

Punch Equipment provides over 10 models of boxing gloves, each with their own twists & features to suit more users needs.
Some with added knuckle support, some specific for Muay Thai, some for world-class comfort & others to outlast the competition!

What are some examples of boxing gloves?

Urban Boxing Gloves: A good choice of glove for beginners who need a comfortable hand fit & protection for a couple of sessions per week, available in multiple colours & 10, 12 or 16oz's.

Punch Urban Boxing Gloves Black


Bling Range of Boxing Gloves: Designed by women, for women & not just for their looks!
This stunning range of gloves, pads & wraps are built with awesome features, with a soft inner lining and pillow hand-fit, Punch Pocket™ to store small goods & elastic/velcro hybrid support wrist wrap, these boxing gloves are built for serious luxury.

Gold Skulls Boxing Gloves 1       Matte Black Gold Lips Bling Boxing Gloves 7 1


ArmadilloSafety Boxing Gloves: It's all in the name, these beautiful gloves are built for safety in mind, with 6cm of Armadillo™ padding, Mexican turned in thumb, excellent wrist support & soft inner lining, this glove is engineered to keep the risk of injury to a minimum!

12oz Punch Armadillo in Red

If you're still unsure about which model, weight or size to choose, it's always a good idea to check out our sizing guides, chat with our team online or visit your local Punch Equipment supplier and try on different boxing gloves yourself to find the best fit for you!

If you're looking for the Best Boxing Gloves for Women, view the range at Punch Equipment®.