How to choose Muay Thai Pads - Updated 2021

How to choose Muay Thai Pads - Updated 2021

How To Choose Muay Thai Pads – Updated 2021

In this product guide, you'll learn how to choose the best Muay Thai pads for your training and pad holding needs!
Our team will run through every model of Thai Pad from Punch Equipment and dive into their unique features to give you all the information you need to make the right choice!

What are Thai Pads?

Thai pads are the purpose-built Muay Thai tools for developing a fighter's skills in the art.
Muay Thai, Thai boxing or also known as the art of 8 limbs is Thailand’s traditional form of Martial Arts and has been around Thai culture since the 16th century.
Thai pads were developed for a coach to hold, catch and review their fighters Thai boxing technique.
Thai pads can vary in shape, size, density, materials, features, and more.
Let’s run through each model from Punch Equipment to help you fulfil your needs!

Black Diamond™ Thai Pads

Black Diamond Thai Pads Medium 1 2020

Our #1 choice for the professional pad holder,
These Thai Pads are purpose-built by master craftsmen to provide superior durability and absorb serious punishment, their cross mesh injected mould padding is designed to outlast the competition and give cracking feedback to the striker.
These Thai pads are sized to cover the entire arm of the trainer, without feeling bulky or heavy.
Their Thailand inspired design truly proves that these pads are an excellent option for the professional pad holder.

Precision Black Diamond™ Thai Pads

Black Diamond Thai Pads Small 1 2020

Not just precision by name!
These stunning Thai pads are designed for the accurate Thai boxers,
Created with similar features to the above Black Diamond Thai pads, their main difference being their smaller size and singular forearm strapping making these pads easy to put on, take off and comfortably manoeuvre during intensive training rounds.
If you are looking for a Thai pad that’s a thrill to hold and won’t weigh you down,
the Precision Black Diamond™ Thai Pads are for you!

Curved Muay Thai Pads

Aaa Curved Thai Pads Red 1 2020

The commercial-grade Curved Thai Pads are constructed with durability, safety and protection at the helm.
Primarily designed for a large group, heavy usage fitness classes, this Thai pad is a great option for beginner and professional pad holders alike.
Their soft-medium density padding means the user will feel less shock on their body and the pad holder will feel less discomfort when struck.
A great option for trainers who need to ensure they minimise their risk of injuries and fighters who need to ease theirs.

AAA Straight Muay Thai Pads

Aaa Punch Thai Pad Straight

In the Punch Equipment range for over 15 years, these Thai pads are the great all-rounder!
For home or gym usage, from beginners to professionals, everyone will all love their feedback from their thick, medium-density padding.
Their thicker build gives them incredible shock absorption however their weight is
Whether you’re training strong fighters or those wanting a good workout,
These pads can handle them all with ease.

Urban Kick Pads

Urban Kickpad 1 2020

Not quite a Thai pad and not quite a focus pad!
The Urban Kick Pads are the perfect choice for kickboxing pad holding.
Their focus pad shaping makes them a perfect alternative for boxing focus pads,
Especially for those pad holders with physically stronger students who really know how to punch!
With their lightweight construction, longer drills become effortless.
If you're looking for a great focus pad alternative,
You cannot go past the Urban Kick Pads!