Can Boxing Bags Be Placed Outdoors?

Can Boxing Bags Be Placed Outdoors?

Can Boxing Bags Be Used Outside?

If you are unable to train indoors or prefer getting some vitamin D while working out, training outside with your boxing bag is a great option, however, there are a few factors to be aware of.
Being aware and taking some extra precautions while boxing outdoors ensures your boxing bag lasts a lifetime!
Let's take a look at some of these factors below.

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The entire range of Punch equipment boxing bags is created with weather-resistant, heavy-duty Ripstop vinyl casings.
Ripstop casings are strong enough to hold their integrity against cuts in the material, if a sharp object accidentally strikes/cuts your punching bag, Ripstop is designed to easily hold its form.
Our range of commercial-grade boxing bags is also produced with easy access, refillable lids, and premium steel chains to hold and swivel your boxing bag freely and smoothly.
While on the topic of steel, let's talk about the next factor when using a boxing bag outdoors!

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Punch Equipment boxing bags are made with some of the most durable materials available, yet none are as strong as mother nature!
Rain, hail, or shine, the environment can cause accelerated wear and tear on your boxing bag.
The rain can affect the durability of metal chains, the internal filling can absorb moisture and eventually become mouldy, the sun can slowly deteriorate the casing, and let's not even get into hail!
When using a boxing bag outdoors, ensure to keep any metal covered or separate metal-on-metal wearing where reasonable, any metal rubbing will cause sheering and eventually rust.
Like protecting your skin from the sun for long periods, ensure you give your boxing bag the same courtesy.
Speaking of the environment, let's look at one more factor to consider when using your punching bag outdoors.

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Location, location, location!

Once your bag work is over, keep or move your boxing bag to an undercover area where it can be protected from the elements.
Making sure that the area is dry like a garage or undercover patio.
Demonstrating the above is a sure way to increase the life of your boxing bag.

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In summary,

Training with a boxing bag is a great way to work out, however, it's important to consider the additional wear and tear your boxing equipment can take when exposed to the elements.
If you are interested in purchasing a boxing bag for your home or gym, check out the entire Punch Equipment range here!
Or if you have any other questions, reach out to our team via the chat software in the bottom corners of your screen!