What is the difference between bag mitts, bag gloves and boxing gloves?

What is the difference between bag mitts, bag gloves and boxing gloves?

Bag Mitts versus Bag Gloves versus Boxing Gloves - Updated 2021!

Learn about the key differences between bag mitts/gloves and boxing gloves below.
If you're wondering which type of glove to choose, we'll help you make the right decision.

Padding / Protection

Bag gloves/mitts are solely designed for punching bags and boxing pads as the padding overall is much less when compared to a boxing glove.
Boxing gloves are commonly found with more padding all over the hand & thumb to aid in the protection of the user & to achieve a true-to-weight condition, eg. 12oz or 16oz.

While a bag mitt/glove is a fantastic option for those boxing with a lighter glove, quick changeovers & looking for a pair with a budget,
A boxing glove should provide more protection and padding across the board, especially 16oz boxing gloves primarily used for sparring as they provide plenty of coverage when blocking strikes & keeping the risk of injury to your training partner to a minimum.

In summary, choose a bag/mitt or glove for training lighter on a punching bag/boxing pads, or choose a boxing glove for greater protection, those involved with more intensive boxing training & sparring.

Size /hand fit

The size difference between bag mitts/gloves and boxing gloves is also another consideration.
Bag mitts/gloves are usually sized by their hand fit ( Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, etc.) whereas a boxing glove is typically sized by its weight alone. ( 12oz, 14oz, 16oz, etc.)


Boxing gloves are available in a wide range of different weights, measured in ounces. (oz)
Generally, the lowest weight seen in the industry is around 4 oz - 6 oz, which is ideal for kids & youths.
Larger teenagers & the majority of adults will utilize a weight range from 8 oz to 18 oz depending on their weight & height.
If you're unsure which weight is suitable for you, check our size guides here!

Wrist Wrap

Every variation of glove should provide some element of wrist protection to aid in the stability of the wrist joint.
Boxing gloves should be expected to provide a substantially better type of wrap in comparison to bag gloves.
Boxing gloves usually house a hook & loop wrap or some form of laces.

The most common hook & loop wrap is made from a few inches of solid material ( leather or synthetic casing ), wrapping at least once around your entire wrist joint with a comfortable hook & loop closure system to allow stability & still making it easy for the user to quickly put on/take off your gloves.
At Punch Equipment®, all our gloves for Boxing, MMA or Muay Thai, are designed with a full wrist wrap for your protection.
Don't forget that boxing wraps provide an additional layer of protection to the entire hand, view our range here!