How Should My Boxing Gloves Fit?

How Should My Boxing Gloves Feel?

For those new to boxing, putting on a pair of boxing gloves for the first time can feel a little alien.
Big gaping balloons over your hands can feel awkward, that's why we're here to help!
When it comes to the correct fit and feel of a boxing glove you should take the below areas into consideration!

Open strap of the Black Diamond Boxing Gloves


Fit is first and foremost for a very important reason.
If the glove doesn't fit, it simply doesn't fit, don't try to force it.
A boxing glove should feel easy to place on and should feel anywhere from slightly spacious to snug inside the hand capsule.
Your hand should feel like it can relax from side to side and end to end.
The width or length of your boxing glove should cause very little discomfort. (Some gloves may be slightly uncomfortable due to their padding and construction which we will discuss below!)
The thumb placement should also feel natural and not forced into an awkward angle.
If you can keep your boxing gloves on for a minute or 2 with little to no discomfort, this will be a good fit.

16oz Armadillo Boxing Gloves


With the fit covered, you should now review whether the boxing glove provides enough protection and does that protection provides comfort in the right areas.
Your boxing gloves should be well padded over the knuckles, back of the hand, and sometimes the palm of the hand depending on whether you're sparring.
Some particular models of gloves house padding that feels soft while others may feel stiff and dense, denser padding may require what's called a 'break-in' period which essentially means training with your new boxing gloves for a session or 2 to help 'break them in' and mould the padding around the shape of your fist.
Different padding systems bring a different experience in comfort to each user, someone with a larger hand may require larger gloves or lighter gloves with less padding so they can comfortably fit their hands into the capsule.

However, a person with a thinner, slender hand and wrist may require more padding to lessen the shock absorption felt on their body.
If you know what your goals & needs are from your boxing gloves, you should be able to work out which model is right for you! (More on this below.)

Glove padding of the Black Diamond Special Boxing Gloves


With these above things considered, you should have no trouble understand what it means to "fit like a glove"! ;)
The next question you may have however could be just as important... How To Choose The Best Boxing Gloves!

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