How To Keep Your Boxing Bag Stand, Still!

How To Keep Your Boxing Bag Stand, Still!

Boxing Bag Stands, How To Keep Them Still!

When purchasing a boxing bag, not everyone has the possibility of installing a boxing bag to your nearest wall or ceiling.
Most customers require a boxing bag stand in order to smash out a great workout at home.
However, no boxer wants to start using their boxing bag if the stand doesn't stay in the same space!
That's where our team is here to help!
Here are some tips to ensure your boxing bag stand, stays in place, and lets you focus on your workout!

Bag Stand Eyebolt

1. Dynabolts (applicable with the Punch Equipment Boxing Bag Stand)

When it comes to stands, Punch Equipment’s stands are a step above and can actually be bolted into the floor!
If your stand has this option available, we highly recommend it.
There is no better way to ensure your boxing bag stand stays in place, round after round!


2. Weight Plates (applicable with the Punch Equipment Boxing Bag Stand)

The Punch Equipment Boxing Bag stand also comes with additional fittings which you can place weight plates onto.
This option is perfect for those who already utilise a home gym and have plates available to stack.
We recommend smaller plates where possible to ensure less space is taken up around the boxing bag.

Weight Plate

3. Sand Bags

Sandbags are an inexpensive and versatile way to keep your boxing stand in place, without any additional installation.
By simply adding a few heavy sandbags to the corners of your stand will add more weight to your stand and making it less likely to slide around.
Sandbags are also soft, easy to move, and won't get in the way.


4. Flooring

Another affordable way to keep your stand in place is by placing it on top of a grippy carpet or flooring.
As the frame of the stand is made out of metal, it's easy for your stand to move or shift if situated on slippery surfaces such as concrete or timber.
You could utilise rubber matting, carpet floor tiles, towels, and much more!

We hope the above tips have made it even easier for you to get a fantastic boxing workout at home.
If you have any questions regarding the above, send us a message on our chat platform below!