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Product Review - Armadillo™ Safety Focus Pads

Here's a review on of the Punch Armadillo™ Safety Focus Pads.
This product is within our professional range of pads and you'll see this pad is very specific in what it's trying to achieve.

Lightweight Pad

The first thing about this pad is the fact it’s virtually weightless. But having said that, it is also highly protective for the user and boxer. we have the two inches of thermopile EBA inside which is a proven way of padding out a focus pad to make it very light. It also helps the pad adsorb incoming hit.

Why Armadillo?

Now, why is this pad called an Armadillo? It's a part of our highly protective series. So the little logo on the back of the pad indicates this pad is Punchfit® approved. there is his punch been approved. So this is truly overkilling on safety and support!

Pad Size

The pad is slightly bigger than a normal medium pad so we really are looking at a sort of a medium to large pad size. Now there’s a reason for that and that’s because when you're training beginners, this pad will protect you! Beginners tend to miss and when they miss, they punch near the bottom or top of the pad. So we’ve designed this pad to curve at the bottom and this bounces their fists back onto the target.

Ideal for Trainers & Instructors

The other benefit of a bigger pad size is the fact that it's easier for you to catch straight punches. So that makes this pad ideal for personal trainers or instructors.

Avoid Wrist Shock

The next feature of this pad is the huge wrist padding. This is designed to fill your wrist so if you find you’re quite fine in the wrist, you’ll generally find that most pads will give you wrist shock. Particularly ladies when they're trying to train men or just train strong women.

So when you slip this pad on, a few things happen straight away. There is a giant super soft palm swirl about the size of my palm and a great big mound inside. When I slide my hand in the pad just went over the whole thing so my hands down that position inside so I'm really locked in once your hand gets pushed to that position it takes all the straight off this tenon up in your elbow. The next thing is you can see my whole wrist is supported with this safety feature. It's a very high pronounced mount and it's designed that when you cop a punch to low you can see what's happening there unprotected you don't get this big wrist slam and shock and jar through your wrist.

Best Features

So this pad is really designed in the Armadillo range as a safety pad and a very high comfort pad for training beginners (when they miss and they're all over the place).

Sway/Control Bar - It's got this sway bar here this what happens is when you go in there and then you go over that mounted locks it actually stops the peg coming off and then as soon as you lay your hand flat you can see it's still gripping me a little bit of a tug and it lets me out very comfortable no velcro no knocking around like that

Full Finger Covering - So you're fully protected up here and it comes in three beautiful colours comes in the red the black and the electric blue
all hand laced around the bottom

Punchtex casings - So these are your commercial grade triple heavy-duty casings. They come with a lifetime warranty on the material and this type of casing has been our range for early 25 years now. It is basically a lifetime warranty material and will last 10x longer than leather.

Washing - You can wash this pad or wipe it down with warm water and soap. But don't use a detergent which can irritate the material.

Recommended For

I'd highly recommend using these pads if you suffer from wrist shock, train beginners or just want a really really protective focus pad for the wearer and a really nice big target for the beginner.